Safety Tips

Your safety while using our site is of utmost importance to us. As such, we have taken great precautions to protect your identity and personal information. We will never reveal your personal details to other users of our platform.

On the website you are known to others by a unique assigned number. Your name, date of birth, email address and phone number are concealed and protected by the website's secure infrastructure.

You have full control over when and what personal information you want to reveal to other Kings/Queens using this service. We suggest our users to stay safe and don't reveal personal information too soon.

Here are some safety tips for you:

1) Protect your identity. Do not quickly provide personal information. Take your time to understand the person you are interested in. Never reveal information such as your credit cards, bank account details.

2) Take advantage of the secure communications system provided.

3) Better to provide a mobile phone number as opposed to a land line.

4) Progress your communication avenues gradually (from site chat feature to email to phone call to physical meeting).

5) Do not share your private photos if you do not know the person yet.

6) Avoid discussing financial matters. If someone asks you money for visa purposes or other situations, make sure you act wisely.

7) Promptly report inappropriate communication (vulgar or abusive words, demand for your personal details, request for money) to the administrator so it can be addressed for your benefit and those of other Kings/Queens.

8) Gradually provide personal information based on your desire to proceed to the next level of communication with the King/Queen of interest.

9) Consult as appropriate with people (friends, family, church leader) concerning your progress with a King/Queen for the validation of your convictions or observed inappropriate conduct

10) If you are interested in a person and want to take your relationship to a next level, you can also opt for a background screening service. Do a thorough personal reference check to ensure the person is right for you.

11) Use common sense as appropriate. God gave us that ability to reason rationally for a purpose.

12) Avoid using signature lines on your email which include your phone number and address.

13) Avoid communicating with your work email address.

14) Do not meet the person alone if you are not comfortable. If you setup a meeting, try to choose a public place such as a coffee shop; you can also inform your friends or family before you arrange the meeting.

15) Check out the picture of the King/Queen in different settings (casual, formal, indoor and outdoors). Not providing a picture gives the impression the person mau have something they are concealing.

16) Beware of request for help stories such as being robbed, ill relatives, stranded at the airport, cheque or money order which cannot be cashed. Please report these immediately to us through the report feature under the member profile.

17) As a child of God, let the Holy Spirit be your guide as you use the service provided on this site. You can NEVER go wrong with Him.