How long does the registration process take?

The registration process comprises of the following:

1) Answering questions to setup your basic profile (required to complete initial registration)

2) Answering questions to setup your match preferences (required to complete initial registration)

3) Answering questions to enhance your profile (More About Myself page) with regards to your values, aspirations, interests, and beliefs (to be done any time after initial registration)

4) Uploading your profile picture and other pictures (to be done any time after initial registration)

The initial registration should take between 20 mins to 30 mins depending on how fast one responds to the questions.

The enhanced profile update should take between 15 mins to 20 mins but does not need to be done all at once. This requires carefully evaluating yourself and putting down your thoughts on the questions asked. Your responses here could determine which of your matches contact you.


How do I upload my pictures?

Go to the top right-hand corner of the page where your name shows, click on the arrow pointing down, select "Profile" and then "My Pictures". Under Profile Pic, click on "Choose files" to select a picture from your files or take a picture with your camera. Select "Upload" to upload on your page.

How do I change my Profile picture?

Go to the top right-hand corner of the page where your name shows, click on the arrow pointing down, select "Profile" and then "My Pictures". Click on the "Set Profile Pic" under your choice of picture to be used as your Profile Picture.

How do I update my profile?

Go to the top right-hand corner of the page where your name shows, click on the arrow pointing down, select "Profile" and then "Edit profile".

Alternatively, under the main menu, select "Matches" and then the sub menu "My Profile & Match Preferences" which gives access to update your profile.


What is the difference between the Match Preferences questions and the Compatibility Test questions?

The match preference questions are to help determine the Kings/Queens who fall within the range of all your personal preferences. In summary, our proprietary algorithm uses your selected preferences to provide you with only Kings/Queens matches who fully fit your preferences.

On the other hand, the Compatibility Test helps to determine how compatible each of your matches are with you. Your matches are categorized based on their compatibility score to further help you in determining which of your matches you should be considering. The higher the overall compatibility score, the higher the compatibility of the Match with you. Do take time to review the 10 different compatibility categories to be sure you are highly compatible in the categories that are of greatest importance to you.

In summary, the Compatibility test ranks all the Kings/Queens matched to you based on their scores. Do note that this is indicative, and you should not base your decisions on who to contact or get into a relationship solely on this. As God's children, we have the Holy Spirit in us who is readily available to guide us on things of utmost importance such as this.

How do I change my Match Preferences?

Go to Matches main menu and select "My Match Preferences"

How should I set my Match Preference?

In setting Match Preferences, we encourage you to widen your preferences as much as possible. For example, setting an age range of 25 to 28 years or 35 to 38 years could significantly narrow your options compared to setting up a wider age range of 24 to 30 years or 34 to 40 years.

Also, do note that ONLY Kings/Queens who fall within ALL of your match preference ranges will be selected as your matches.


Will my name, phone number or email be displayed to someone I am matched to?

No. Your names, phone number and email address do not show on your profile when viewed by someone you are matched to. You appear to your matches with the unique number assigned to you at the point of registration.


Where do I take the Compatibility Test?

Go to the Home page and click under the Compatibility Test Status where it shows Pending

How frequently can I take the Compatibility Test?

You can take the test only every 6 months.

Can I exit the test midway to continue later?

Yes. Whatever answers you have provided prior to your exiting the page is stored. The test however starts from the beginning each time. You just need to click through pages you have responded to till you get to the page with unanswered questions.

What is the purpose of the Compatibility Test?

It is proprietary and designed to capture information in 10 key areas an individual's life that could impact how he/she gets along with his/her spouse. The 10 areas are Christian belief, Christian living, Intellect, Finances, Family Life, Activity/Interests, Emotions, Personality, Role Expectations and Marriage Principles. Your compatibility scores with each of your matches will help you towards determining which of your matches you should be considering for a life partner. Our desire is to help you make this process as easy as possible.

How long does it take to take to complete the Compatibility test?

The tests comprise of 155 questions and should be completed between 20mins and 35mins depending on how fast one responds to the questions.

How is the Compatibility test applied?

A proprietary algorithm is used to compare your response to each question and that of each king/Queen matched to you, to come up with a compatibility score for each of the 10 areas and an overall score. It does imply that both you and your match must have completed the test for the scores to be available. Do encourage each person matched to you to complete the test.

How do I make the best use of the Compatibility scores?

Each King/Queen matched to you is placed into one of the 4 Compatibility groups to help you determine which profiles you should be reviewing. The 5 groups are as follows:

0% - 50% Compatible

50% - 75% Compatible

75% - 90% Compatible

90% - 100% Compatible

Test Not Completed

The 0% - 50% Compatible category has 2 groups of matches. If a member is yet to complete their Compatibility test, all their matches are captured here with a Compatibility score of 0%. In this situation, no matches will be found in any of the other categories. Once, the member completes their compatibility test, the matches now receive a score relative to the member and are placed in the proper categories.

The last category lists your matches who have not completed the Compatibility Test. Do encourage each match you find in this category to complete the test as they may end up being the most compatible with you.

With your matches placed in these categories, it helps you to determine whose profiles you should be reviewing with priority. Ideally, that will be those with the highest compatibility and then downwards.

SUBSCRIPTION: What is the cost of subscription?

Our primary goal at LoveDisciplesConnections is to help Nigeria Christians all over the world to exponentially increase their sphere of options in their bid to find a compatible Christian life partner.

You do not really need to subscribe to any plan until you need to communicate with a match of interest. You can review all the details of all your matches free of charge. You typically matched to Kings/Queens at the same level of subscription as yourself.

Nigeria Subscription Plans are available to those who reside in Nigeria while the Diaspora Subscription Plans are available to those who reside outside Nigeria.

The Nigeria Plans are as follows:

Nigeria Free (NF)

Nigeria Standard (NS)

Nigeria Premium (NP)

The Diaspora Plans are as follows:

Diaspora Free (DF)

Diaspora Standard (DS)

Diaspora Premium (DP)

As the name implies, the Nigeria Free (NF) and Diaspora Free (DF) plans are completely free. For a 3-month plan which is what we would recommend for cost effectiveness, cost of subscriptions starts from about US$14/month and upward depending on the paid subscription plan you choose. Payments can be made via our PayStack or Paypal payment platforms using a Debit card or Credit card issued anywhere in the world.