About Us

Lovedisciplesconnections.com is Nigeria's foremost Christian Matrimonial site.

Lovedisciplesconnections.com was developed by Love Disciples Limited (NIGERIA) and Love Disciples Inc. (CANADA) to fulfil a part of the great vision birthed by God's Spirit to provide a sophisticated, secure and private online platform for connecting Christians (God's Kings and Queens) towards having a blissful, godly and lifelong marriage.

What sets us apart is a vision birthed by God's Spirit to address the challenge professing Nigerian Christians have with finding a suitable life partner partly due to the constraints of the traditional network options (church, family, friends, work) coupled with increased global mobility in the last few decades.

Christian believers are born of God (John 1:13) and as such belong to God's royal family. Furthermore, the Lord Jesus Christ has made us Kings/Queens and Priests unto God and our Father (Revelations 1:6). And so, we refer to our esteemed site users as Kings and Queens.

We have carefully developed key profile questions and match preference options by which our Kings and Queens are presented with matches which meet their preferences. We have also designed a proprietary compatibility test which provides a score of compatibility in multiple categories for each match to our Kings and Queens.

Also, our robust communication tools make it easy for communications to be initiated and effectively maintained by either our Kings or Queens.

Even though our platform provides our members with matches and their compatibility, we strongly recommend them to seek and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit on the matches to connect with or establish a relationship with. The Holy Spirit is very eager to help every Christian on this journey and He desires the best for them more than they could desire for themselves.

Our goal is to ensure God's Kings and Queens on our platform always have a pleasurable experience while progressing towards their goal of finding their Christian life partner. Our desire is to see as many Kings and Queens get married to someone they meet on our platform. Much more importantly for us is for God's Kings and Queens to have a blissful, fulfilling, and lifelong godly marriage using our marriage success support systems (educative articles, interactive sessions, and counselling).

To the success of Christian Marriages globally!